First Post

Hello people out there.  I have decided to start a blog about random issues and generally what is going on in life. I’ve had a hard three day week this week.  I tell you I don’t get enough holidays so this was indeed bliss.  I think it’s almost another year till my next holiday although I’m not very good at  remembering what time units are which so a year might be a wee bit out. In memory of myself, Neil and Rob’s excellent trip down to Bristol I recently bought Big Train and spent last night watching it on.  So many good clips but my favourite has to be …… “Tim Bishop!”  What would you say to me if I told you that Tim Bishop! was going to be my production assistant.  A great clip indeed.Tim Bishop Granted this is not thee Tim Bishop from Big Train but it was one of the first that turned up on my search and I thought it would do. In reminiscence, that trip down to Bristol was great fun; I had the luckiest day in my life till Cloudy beat me at pool, we then got drunk on a ship and naturally the trip down itself was fantastic.


Hello world!

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